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There’s and excessive amount of smoking in this book, hey it is set in the 60’s. It’s a good shorthand in storytelling to show a bygone era, especially since it’s becoming so rare. I was at an antique shop a while back and stared at a decorative glass whatchamacalit and had no idea what it was for about ten minutes until I finally realized it was an ashtray.


In this book we explore some of the concepts and origins of Haitian Voodoo. In doing the research we realized how deep and colorful these origins are. This book is an origin story in and of itself and in no way a reflection of the actual practice of voodoo. Instead, it’s a story about a young man that discovers his past is tied to a destiny that he never consented to.


I love this panel. I think there’s at least one panel per page that I flip out over, and this one is certainly an example. Pete has a knack for knowing when to add a ton of detail/background and when to just let the subject of the panel take over.


War is hell and danger lurks around every corner, this medic gets into a spot of bother. Though to find out what exactly you’ll have to read the first issue of Voodoo Chille when it launches on Kickstarter.


Our war correspondent London (named in tribute of our amazing artist and co-creator Pete Woods) has been through a lot already. In this book he is going to learn that the essence of a man is more than his trauma.


Colour Development and Kirby Krackle

One of the steps before starting work on a larger project like Voodoo Chille is to ensure the main characters have been fully explored. The interaction and contrast between Max and London are an important visual aspect that artist Pete wanted to nail.

Casey asked for some Kirby Krackle for Max’s powers that Baron Samedi had given him. Kirby Krackle is an effect used in early Marvel comics developed by the late great Jack Kirby.  


Max Character Design

There is a school of thought, that when making comics you should make comics that you would want to read, this is one of our aims with Voodoo Chille. We are having fun making this book and Max our main character is a great representation of this.


Baron Samedi Design.

One of the main antagonists of Voodoo Chille is Baron Samedi. It’s due to his machinations that Max (our hero) is taken on his journey. When Designing this character we wanted to have the classical Baron Samedi look but also place him firmly in the 1960’s. We were inspired by Jim Morrison & Slash (not strictly 1960/1970’s but still cool).